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Marie N new album "LULLABIES"
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Marie N new album “On my own”
In December, 2004 Marie N released her new album “On my own”, with 10 songs in English, French and Portugese. The famous composers Sergey Manoukyan and Ivar Must has created new songs for her, as well as Marie N herself. Because of Marie N’s great passion for French language and music, there are cover versions of 2 well-known French songs included – “Comme d’habitude” and “Les feuilles mortes”. Marie N characterizes her album as smooth, acoustic, chill-out music.

Marie N has been one of Latvia’s most versatile, stylish and popular young singers, and is now expanding her international audience. Her songs have been released and broadcasted in radio, TV in more than 30 countries all over the world.
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Raimonds Ozols, “Welcome to my world !”
In November 2004 Raimonds Ozols’ second solo album “Welcome to my world !” was released. There are 10 compositions in the album – from classical to contemporary music. The modern arrangements are created by Raimonds Macats and Uģis Prauliņš. Besides the compositions of F. Chopin, G. Verdi, L. van Beethoven and N. Paganini, there are two Raimonds Macats’ original works, written specially for Raimonds Ozols – “Autumn” and “At midnight”.

Raimonds Ozols’ first solo album “Between the Sky and Earth”, released in 2001, got great popularity in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. This album had been licensed in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and in Australia. “Between the Sky and Earth” is an excellent combination of classical, opera and rock music. The diamonds of classical music, such as G. Verdi “Traviata”, P. Mascagni “Cavalleria Rusticana”, H. Berlioz “Symphonie Fantastique”, G. Rossini “Guillaume Tell”, are performed in a popular arrangement.
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Jāzeps Mediņš music school boys’ choir album “What a wonderful world”

Jāzeps Mediņš music school choir boys sing of everything in their world travel album, and all this diversity has a common denominator, the super-hit “What A Wonderful World” by George David Weiss. It is under this title that the world will get their Christmas songs, mummers’ songs, madrigals and gospels, this is how they fight for freedom and how they celebrate the last glowing log in a campfire at the edge of a wood. What a wonderful world: normal regular chaps do extraordinary work, and their teachers are very special and very special is the album itself.

The album “What a wonderful world” has been released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
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Five tenors in albums “Five tenors in Riga Dome” and “O sole mio”

At the end of 1999 five Latvian tenors representing different generations came together to record a Christmas album. The combination worked so well that Kārlis Zariņš, Jānis Sproģis, Miervaldis Jenčs, Nauris Puntulis and Guntars Ruņģis decided to continue performing together.

The album “Five tenors in Riga Dome” was compiled with the aim of supporting the restoration programme of the Riga Dome organ – the oldest one in Latvia. This album, therefore, presents works that are ideal for church performance. The tenors themselves have named this album “A Talk with God”. It is an album of sacred music that allows us to experience emotions that are far from our ordinary, everyday feelings. It includes music of Giulio Caccini, Alessandro Scarlatti, Pietro Mascagni, George Frideric Handel, Georges Bizet, César Franck and other well-known composers, with Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria” definitely the most popular work.

The album of Neapolitan songs “O sole mio” includes such popular melodies as “Santa Lucia”, “Funiculì funiculà” and “Maria Marì”! The title song has been sung by many outstanding soloists, such as Mario Lanza and Robertino Loretti. Nevertheless, the Latvian quintet’s interpretation is convincing, enhanced by a faultless arrangement by Jānis Kaijaks and the performance of the Latvian National Opera Orchestra and its conductor Aleksandrs Viļumanis as well as the choir “Sonore”.

The albums "Five tenors in Riga Dome" and "O sole mio" have been released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
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Marie N new album "LULLABIES"
Marija Naumova - Šūpuļdziesma /latviešu/
Marija Naumova - Hushabye Mountain (amerikāņu šūpuļdziesma)
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Marie N new album "LULLABIES"
1. “Ninna nanna dormi” (Italian lullaby)
2. “Acalanto” (Brazilian folk lullaby)
3. “Šūpuļdziesma” (Latvian lullaby)
4. “В Бурю” (Russian lullaby)
Publicity photos of the Marie N new album "LULLABIES" (photo: Vladimir Svetlov)
photo I
photo II